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Billie Kay wants to play a guessing game with Peyton. Billie wants Peyton to name something overrated and annoying with flashing lights. Peyton says Brooklyn. Billie says that was the answer to What’s a dumpster fire. Billie asks for another answer from Peyton. Peyton says Billie is talking about Naomi. Peyton says that Naomi is not Iconic.

Naomi vs. Peyton Royce (with Billie Kay)

The match is joined in progress and Naomi escapes a head scissors. After missing kicks, Naomi finally connects. Naomi with a split leg drop for a near fall. Peyton goes to the floor and Naomi with a baseball slide to the back. Naomi sends Peyton back into the ring and Billie distracts Naomi and Peyton hits Naomi from behind and kicks Naomi off the apron. Naomi gets back into the ring and Peyton with forearms to the back followed by a kick and she gets a near fall.

Peyton sends Naomi into the turnbuckles. Peyton chokes Naomi in the corner and then connects with a knee to the back and she applies a rear chin lock. Naomi with an arm drag but Peyton misses a spin kick in the corner. Naomi with a kick to the hamstring and she focuses on the leg before hitting a drop kick. Naomi with a clothesline and a springboard round kick for a near fall.

Naomi is sent to the apron and Naomi with a round kick. Naomi kicks Billie on the floor and then sends Billie into the ring post. Naomi is sent into the ring post and then Peyton hits a Fisherman’s suplex for the three count.

Winner: Peyton Royce

…Charlotte comes to the ring and she attacks Becky. Charlotte with forearms and punches. Becky with punches. They fight to the floor. They almost fight into the crowd but they return to the ring. Becky with a kick and punches.

Paige comes out and she directs for the other women to make their way to the ring to break things up. That does not work too well as the women try to hold them apart but they are not apart for long. Charlotte with a shoulder that sends Becky to the floor and then she comes off the apron with a cross body.

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