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 About Billie Kay
Full Name: Jessica McKay
Born: June 23, 1989
From: Sydney, Australia
Residence: Orlando, Florida
Mini Biography: Jessica McKay (born 23 June 1989) is an Australian professional wrestler. She is signed to WWE under the ring name Billie Kay and performs on the SmackDown brand.

In June 2007, Kay made her professional wrestling debut at Pro Wrestling Alliance (PWA), and she debuted one-year later for the Pro Wrestling Women's Alliance promotion, where she became a two-time PWWA Champion.

She later started competing on the independent circuit with multiple promotions in the United States for several years, most notably and commonly for Shimmer Women Athletes..  (Read More?)
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WWE Smackdown Live Recap – August 28, 2018
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Billie Kay says she thinks she is clairvoyant. Billie explains that she could see the future. Just like she predicted last week that Peyton would beat Naomi. Billie says she sees the Raptors having a dismal season. She sees Naomi having nightmares about losing again tonight.

Naomi vs. Billie Kay (with Peyton Royce)

Naomi with a drop kick and leaping leg drop for a near fall. Billie grabs Naomi by the hair. Billie with a kick and she punches Naomi. Billie has something to say to Naomi and Naomi with a jaw breaker and round kick followed by clotheslines. Naomi with a running bulldog into the turnbuckles. Naomi with a round kick. Naomi with a rollup for a near fall but Naomi is sent into the ropes and Peyton with a kick. Billie gets the three count.

Winner: Billie Kay

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WWE Smackdown Live Recap – August 21, 2018
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Billie Kay wants to play a guessing game with Peyton. Billie wants Peyton to name something overrated and annoying with flashing lights. Peyton says Brooklyn. Billie says that was the answer to What’s a dumpster fire. Billie asks for another answer from Peyton. Peyton says Billie is talking about Naomi. Peyton says that Naomi is not Iconic.

Naomi vs. Peyton Royce (with Billie Kay)

The match is joined in progress and Naomi escapes a head scissors. After missing kicks, Naomi finally connects. Naomi with a split leg drop for a near fall. Peyton goes to the floor and Naomi with a baseball slide to the back. Naomi sends Peyton back into the ring and Billie distracts Naomi and Peyton hits Naomi from behind and kicks Naomi off the apron. Naomi gets back into the ring and Peyton with forearms to the back followed by a kick and she gets a near fall.

Peyton sends Naomi into the turnbuckles. Peyton chokes Naomi in the corner and then connects with a knee to the back and she applies a rear chin lock. Naomi with an arm drag but Peyton misses a spin kick in the corner. Naomi with a kick to the hamstring and she focuses on the leg before hitting a drop kick. Naomi with a clothesline and a springboard round kick for a near fall.

Naomi is sent to the apron and Naomi with a round kick. Naomi kicks Billie on the floor and then sends Billie into the ring post. Naomi is sent into the ring post and then Peyton hits a Fisherman’s suplex for the three count.

Winner: Peyton Royce

…Charlotte comes to the ring and she attacks Becky. Charlotte with forearms and punches. Becky with punches. They fight to the floor. They almost fight into the crowd but they return to the ring. Becky with a kick and punches.

Paige comes out and she directs for the other women to make their way to the ring to break things up. That does not work too well as the women try to hold them apart but they are not apart for long. Charlotte with a shoulder that sends Becky to the floor and then she comes off the apron with a cross body.

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WWE Smackdown Live Recap – August 7, 2018
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Carmella walked out with her WWE Smackdown Women’s Title belt. Phillips said she’d be on commentary for the next match.

Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs. The IIconics (Billy Kay & Peyton Royce)

Becky came out to her music first. Then Charlotte came out to her music separately. Finally the IIconics. Kay said Orlando is the saddest place on Earth. They called Charlotte overrated and a bad dancer who lost to Carmella twice. They high-fives. Then they pretended they couldn’t even see Becky. Fans chanted “Boring!” at them. Then they saw her and said she’s once again in Charlotte’s shadow. “Poor Becky, always a bride’s maid but never a champion.” Charlotte and Becky dominated early, so the IIconics retreated to ringside. Charlotte launched onto them at ringside with a slingshot crossbody block. They cut to a break, but stayed with the action on split screen.

The IIconics took over during the break. After the break ended, Charlotte surprised Kay with a small package. Then they each gave each other a boot to the face and went down hard. Both tagged in their partners. Becky went at Royce with a flurry of offense and then played to the crowd. She hit her exploder suplex and then kipped up. She followed with a top rope forearm for a two count. Charlotte tagged in and landed a moonsault off the top rope onto both IIconics. Well, she landed on their connected arms and they both bumped to the mat. Charlotte then applied the figure-eight as Becky leaned in the corner seeming less than thrilled she wasn’t the one scoring the pin. She then got up and hugged Charlotte, and Charlotte tried to make sure she was okay with how things went. Becky’s face conveyed conflicted feelings. Carmella stood on the announce desk holding her belt up, taunting Charlotte and Becky. Byron said he cannot wait until Summerslam to see who walks out as champion.

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch

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WWE Smackdown Live Recap – July 24, 2018
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We are back and Billie Kay and Peyton Royce talk about Evolution and then they say Asuka is not the same since they beat Asuka on Smackdown. They say they are better than Asuka.

Match Number Three: Asuka versus Billie Kay (with Peyton Royce)

Billie has something to say to Auska that makes her laugh but Asuka with a punch and arm bar. Billie with a knee and take down for a near fall. Billie rakes at the face and pie faces her. Billie calls Asuka a loser and Asuka gives her THE LOOK. Asuka with a drop kick and pop up knee. Asuka with a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Asuka pulls Billie from the ropes and applies an ankle lock into a waist lock. Billie misses a boot but Asuka with a round kick and a second kick. Asuka with a third round kick for the three count.

Winner: Asuka

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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap – July 23, 2018
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The locker room is on the stage and Vince McMahon is in the ring.

Vince welcomes everyone to Raw. Vince introduces the COO of WWE and the Raw Commissioner, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

They make their way to the ring.

Stephanie says it is a rare thing to make history and create moments we will remember for the rest of our lives. Hunter wants to acknowledge the WWE Superstars. He says he does not want to acknowledge only the ones on the stage, but all of the brands. He wants to acknowledge every superstar who walked through the ropes. Nights like this are because of you. Hunter says your dedication, sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears made this possible. You do not do this alone. There is a giant team. There is a bond when you step into this ring and you put your trust in someone else’s hands. He says he has never seen a stronger bond than with these superstars.

Hunter wants the women to step forward.

He says that the men who stand behind you truly support you. The WWE Universe show it every night. They have supported you since day one. Every moment, they have supported you. Right thought to every single main event you have worked so hard to earn. Hunter says some have done it with a tear in their eyes because you have stolen the show again and again. Hunter says they are so proud of you.

Stephanie says these moments do not happen due to opportunity or because someone or something deem it as important. It is because you deem it worthy of what you love. You have demanded more opportunities to women and ignited a revolution that opened doors for women that some only dreamed of. Thirty second matches became main events and the divas became superstars.

Stephanie says they have a platform to show that women can do anything and be anything. On October 28th, 50 women will compete in an event called Evolution. It will be the first ever all Women’s Pay Per View.

The event will take place at Nassau Colisseum and all of the Women’s Championships will be defended as well as the finals of the Mae Young Classic.

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