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Full Name: Jessica McKay
Born: June 23, 1989
From: Sydney, Australia
Residence: Orlando, Florida
Mini Biography: Jessica McKay (born 23 June 1989) is an Australian professional wrestler. She is signed to WWE under the ring name Billie Kay and performs on the SmackDown brand.

In June 2007, Kay made her professional wrestling debut at Pro Wrestling Alliance (PWA), and she debuted one-year later for the Pro Wrestling Women's Alliance promotion, where she became a two-time PWWA Champion.

She later started competing on the independent circuit with multiple promotions in the United States for several years, most notably and commonly for Shimmer Women Athletes..  (Read More?)
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Smackdown Results-January 22nd,2021
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Asuka and Charlotte Flair vs. The Riott Squad

The music interrupts and out come the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions – RAW Women’s Champion Asuka is out first, followed by Charlotte Flair. The Riott Squad waits in the ring – Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott. Billie Kay is with them for this non-title match. We also see Tamina Snuka and Natalya watching from backstage.

Flair and Riott start off, locking up. Flair with a headlock and then a takedown in the middle of the ring. Flair brings Riott back to their feet and Asuka tag sin. Flair with a snap mare as Asuka levels Riott with a shoulder. Asuka with a headlock now. Flair tags in and sends Riott face-first into the turnbuckle. Flair puts the boot to Riott in the corner and she goes down. Flair taunts Liv as Riott tries to fight back but gets beat back down. Tamina and Natalya are shown backstage again.

Flair drops Riott again and then swings at Kay as she gets on the apron with a distraction. Liv tags in as Flair keeps fighting Riott off, sending her to the floor through the ropes. Flair grabs Kay by the hair as she tries to interfere again. Liv takes advantage and rocks Flair. Liv goes to the top and hits a crossbody on Flair for a 2 count. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Liv controls Flair but Flair turns it around in the corner and stomps away. Flair keeps control and in comes Riott off the tag. More back and forth now. Riott drives Flair face-first into the top turnbuckle and drops her for a 2 count. Liv tags back in and they double team Flair for a quick pin attempt.

We see Sami still chained to the barrier, ranting to his film crew. Riott with more offense on Flair in the corner. Liv tags back in for another double team attempt but Flair blocks it and fights them both off with chops. Flair kicks Liv and launches her with a big fall-away slam. Flair kips up for a pop. Flair with a backbreaker to Liv, then sends her face-first into the corner. Asuka tags in with a running sliding knee to Liv for a 2 count as Riott makes the save. Flair levels Riott with a running big boot. Asuka and Liv tangle some more as Asuka applies an ankle lock. Flair and Riott tumble to the floor.

Asuka with a release German suplex. Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock but Liv backs her into the ropes and in comes Riott off a tag. Kay gets on the apron and distracts the referee as Riott rolls Asuka up for more than a 3 count. Asuka goes for a Hip Attack but Riot moves, and Asuka knocks Liv off the apron onto Billie instead. Asuka and Riott go at it some more. Asuka with a Codebreaker to Riott to stun her. Flair tags in and charges at Riott with Natural Selection for the pin to win.

Winners: Asuka and Charlotte Flair

– After the match, the music hits as the champs stand tall in the middle of the ring. The Riott Squad regroups at ringside.

– Back from the break and Billie Kay is backstage apologizing to The Riott Squad for what happened. Ruby Riott says she cost them a shot at the titles. Billie believes they can work this out. She says she spoke with Sonya Deville and got them both spots in the Royal Rumble Match. Riott ends up saying the Squad was much better when it was just the two of them. They apologize and walk off.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – July 13, 2020
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Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Ruby Riott. She goes to show us a replay of what recently happened with The IIconics, but Billie Kay and Peyton Royce interrupt. The send Schreiber on her way. They start taunting Riott and she threatens to punch them in the face if they don’t quit running their mouths. The IIconics say tonight’s tag team match looks to be a Handicap Match because Riott doesn’t have any friends. Bianca Belair appears and Riott introduces her friend, calling her The EST of WWE. Belair cuts a promo on being Riott’s partner and talks about disliking The IIconics. She says they can’t beat her and then walks off. Riott agrees and follows her as The IIconics look on. Back to commercial.

The IIconics vs. Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair

Back from the break and The IIconics are in the ring – Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. Out next comes Ruby Riott to the stage. Bianca Belair is out next, making her return. They head to the ring together for a pop.

Royce and Riott start things off. Back and forth and pin attempts early on. Riott hits the standing STO for a 2 count. The IIconics keep control as Kay comes in for a 2 count. Royce tags back in as they keep Riott in their corner with quick tags. Royce ends up hitting a spin kick to Riott but Riott comes right back with a jawbreakaer. Kay tags in and stops Riott from tagging again.

Riott kicks Kay away and in comes Belair for a pop. Belair unloads on Kay. Belair with a big dropkick for another pop. Belair shows off some and hits a Spear into the corner. Belair with thrusts to the gut of Belair in the corner now. Belair scoops Kay and shows off while lifting her. She slams Kay and taunts Royce.

Belair knocks Royce off the apron and pins Kay for a 2 count. More back and forth now as all four Superstars get involved. Riott takes Royce back down on the floor. Belair ends up hitting the KOD on Kay for the pin to get the fairly quick win.

Winners: Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair

After the match, Riott stands tall with Belair in the middle of the ring as Belair’s music hits. We go to replays. Kay checks on Royce at ringside and they throw a fit as the winners celebrate in the ring.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – July 6, 2020
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The IIconics are backstage talking about how bad Ruby Riott is and how she has no chance against Billie Kay tonight. Riott appears from behind and calls them dumbasses. She never had a problem with them before but now the sound of their voices upsets her. She doesn’t know where Liv Morgan is and her focus is only on The IIconics tonight, and that’s bad for them. Riott says when they’re done tonight, it won’t be iconic… it will be tragic. The IIconics storm off.

Ruby Riott vs. Billie Kay

We go back to the ring and out first comes Ruby Riott. Out next are The IIconics – Billie Kay with Peyton Royce.

The bell rings and Kay taunts Riott some as we get the bell. Riott stomps on Royce’s hand on the mat. Riott and Kay go at it now. Riott with a big back elbow to the face but Kay comes right back and levels her with a big boot for a close 2 count. Kay takes Riott to the corner and stomps away. Kay with a boot to Riott’s face now as Royce looks on.

Kay drops Riott on her head for a 2 count. Kay keeps Riott down now as the crowd tries to rally. Kay turns it over into a Bow & Arrow submission in the middle of the ring now. Riott turns it into a 2 count. Riott rocks Kay with a big right hand to the face. They tangle some and Kay runs into another big back elbow. Riott drops Kay into the middle turnbuckle with knees.

Royce tries to distract Riott and that allows Kay to mount offense in the corner. Kay with another big boot to the face. Kay brings Riott back to the middle of the ring and drops her with the Boyfriend Stealer for the pin to win.

Winner: Billie Kay

After the match, The IIconics stand tall on the outside of the ring as their music hits. They rant as usual while making their exit. Riott slowly recovers in the ring.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – June 29, 2020
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We see how Lana helped Natalya beat Liv Morgan last week. We also see how Ruby Riott tried to talk to Liv after the match but an emotional Liv walked off and said she doesn’t need Ruby making her feel worse. We see The IIconics approaching Ruby backstage now. They taunt her for still not having any friends after all these years. They call Riott and Liv losers. Riott taunts them for blowing their WWE Women’s Tag Team Title shots. Riott challenges one of them to meet her in the ring and then the other can carry the one that got beat up to the back. Riott mocks their “Iconic!” catchphrase and walks off. We go to commercial.

Peyton Royce vs. Ruby Riott

We go back to the ring and out comes The IIconics – Peyton Royce with Billie Kay. Ruby Riott is out next.

Billie Kay provides an early distraction, allowing Peyton to attack and go to work on Riott. Royce focuses on the shoulder and keeps Riott down. Royce mounts Riott for a quick pin attempt. Royce focuses on the arms some more, putting boots to Riott in the corner. Royce drops Riott and uses the middle rope on her now.

Royce keeps Riott down again by her arm as the crowd starts to rally. Riott tries to mount offense but Royce hits a back suplex for a 2 count. Riott finally mounts some offense and hits the standing STO in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. Kay distracts Riott when she’s preparing for the Riott Kick.

Royce rolls her for a 2 count. Riott goes for a pin but Royce kicks out. Royce with a big kick to the head and a spinning Brainbuster for the pin to win.

Winner: Peyton Royce

After the match, Kay joins Royce in the ring and celebrates with her as the music hits. We go to replays. The IIconics continue celebrating together while Riott sits up against the barrier at ringside. They taunt her.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – June 22, 2020
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We see what happened last week between Sasha Banks and Bayley and The IIconics. The champs are shown backstage heading to the ring. Back to commercial.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles Match: The IIconics vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley

Back from the break and out come the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions – Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. The IIconics are out next – Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. We get formal ring introductions before the match.

The two teams argue as we get the bell. Banks turns around to a big boot from Kay for a close 2 count. Royce tags in for a double team but Bayley trips her from the floor. Bayley pulls Royce out and sends her face-first into the announce table. Banks and Bayley double team Kay in the ring now. Kay tangles with Bayley but Bayley rocks her and knocks Royce off the apron with a cheap shot. Kay takes advantage of a distraction and holds her, allowing Royce to deliver a big knee to the face. Bayley is laid out as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Kay works Bayley over in the middle of the ring. Bayley ducks a shot and nails Kay in the corner, knocking Royce off the apron. Bayley mocks The IIconics but Kay kicks her back from the corner. Royce tags in and hits a Fisherman’s suplex for a close 2 count as Banks makes the save. Banks tosses Kay to the floor but Royce sends Banks to the floor. Bayley fights off Royce and whips her into a knee from Banks on the apron. Banks tags in and they double team Royce for a close 2 count as the crowd boos.

Bayley yells at the referee from the apron. Banks stalks Royce and stops her from tagging. Banks with a snap suplex. Banks pays tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero with Three Amigos but Royce blocks the third suplex and uses Banks to knock Bayley to the floor. Banks kicks out at 2. Kay runs in for the double team but Banks kicks her away, out of the ring. Banks ends up applying the Bank Statement to Royce for the submission win.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley

After the match, Banks and Bayley celebrate with their titles as Kay sells the injury on the floor. We go to replays. Banks and Bayley are in the ring with mics now, bragging about their win. Banks admits she gets a little jealous when Bayley talks about both of her titles. Banks loves seeing her best friend happy but she wants to experience that as well. Banks steps to Bayley and says she wants a title match. A “yes!” chant starts up. Banks officially challenges… Asuka for the RAW Women’s Title at Extreme Rules. The chants turn to boos now. The music interrupts and out comes Asuka now. Asuka enters the ring and yells at them in Japanese. Asuka says Banks is not the boss of her. Asuka accepts the challenge. Bayley suddenly attacks Asuka from the side and attacks her. Asuka gets double teamed now. Asuka fights them off but Banks drops her with a Backstabber, into the Bank Statement. Banks tightens the hold in the middle of the ring before breaking it. Banks stands tall and raises the RAW Women’s Title over Asuka as her music starts back up. Banks and Bayley taunt Asuka with the titles.